Pressure Washer Pumps

We carry the most widely used brands of replacement pressure washer pumps in the industry. This includes high pressure pumps manufactured by Hotsy, Karcher, Legacy, General Pump, and Annovi Reverberi (AR).

We offer replacement pressure washer pumps in belt-drive and direct-drive models, appropriate for use in either electric or gas-powered pressure washers with output ratings range from 2.1 to 10.4 GPM, and 1000 to 4350 PSI.

These pressure washer pumps will fit a wide variety of other pressure washer brands sold in the marketplace, and we can help you identify which pump will work with your machine.

As an exclusive regional distributor for most of these brands, we have the expertise to assist you in making sure you get exactly what you require. If you need it, we’ve probably got it. If not, we’ll get it!

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