Soap Injectors

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Using pressure washing detergents and chemicals when power washing vehicles, farm machinery or heavy equipment produces faster and more efficient cleaning. Our detergent valves are available in either upstream or downstream injection, and precisely meter chemicals to avoid wasting product. Upstream detergent injectors apply chemicals at high pressure using a standard quick connect nozzle, while downstream injectors require the use of a soap nozzle, with detergents being applied at low pressure.

Our Robokim injectors are favored for acid and harsh chemical applications, as they offer a stainless steel orifice and inlet check valve components, and work perfectly for two-step cleaning processes. Our other Inlet Chemical Injectors are for use on on portable hot water pressure washers, and offers the ability to apply detergents at high pressure, simultaneously with hot water.

Need help determining which detergent injector is correct for your application? Just give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

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