Pressure Washer Filters & Strainers

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Pressure washers use a wide variety of water filters and mesh strainers to prevent damage to the pressure washer pump and other components. Inline water filters remove contaminants often found even in city water sources, such as small particles of dirt and debris that can wear internal pump components, unloader valves, and pressure washer pump seals, causing premature failure and costly repairs.

Garden hoses collect tiny pebbles, grass and insects that can also gain entry into your pressure washer pump, which can be eliminated with the installation of an inline water filter.

Inline Nozzle Filters catch small particles of debris, eliminating them from entering the nozzle and extending the life of the ceramic components.

Our Chemical Filters are available in either brass or polypropylene plastic, with or without a check valve and are ideal for use on pressure washer detergent lines.

Not certain which filter choose? Give us a call and one of our experts can help.

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