Pressure Washer Lances & Wands

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Need a high quality pressure washer wand or pressure washer lance? We’ve got them all, including dump guns, flex wands, single and dual-lance wands and telescoping wands. We also carry a quick-connect pressure washer wand extension that will allow you an additional 36″ reach when attached to your current wand. You’ll also find a subcategory for replacement pressure washer wand parts that includes handles, grips and grip vents.

Our lineup of flex wands allows for ease in a variety of applications in hard to reach areas such as cleaning wheel wells and undercarriages in a self-service car washing operation. With up to a 180° flex, these units save money and downtime caused by broken wands and the need for hose repairs. A full selection of dual lance wands is also available for use with downstream detergent injectors and are specially treated for chemical resistance.

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