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We carry a wide selection of industrial scrub brushes, designed for a long life and resistance against harsh chemicals.

Our truck wash brushes are a soft bristled brush, perfect for use on fine paint finishes, such as over-the-road trucks, trailers and cars. These gentle bristles work wonderfully on fleet vehicles including limousines and taxis, eliminating scratches that can occur with hard bristled brushes.

For industrial cleaning, try our floor scrub brush. Attaches easily to our fiberglass handles, and offers a multi-level angle for cleaning those hard to reach areas and corners in warehouses, restaurants, automotive shops, or railroad cars. These stiff bristles are perfect for aggressive cleaning, and hold up well to harsh pressure washing chemicals.

Or choose our rotating pressure washer brush that connects easily to most lances and wands.

Plus, our Fiberglass Super Handles are tough, durable and lightweight, and easily attach to our Truck Wash Brushes with a standard 3/4 inch Acme thread. We carry both fixed length and telescoping extension handles with an easy twist cam lock for perfect adjustment to the desired working length.

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