Plunger Oil Seal Kit, Karcher

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  • Contains 3 Oil Seals
Genuine Karcher OEM Parts


Part Number: 9.803-937.0-KAR
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-260826, 98039370, X98039370

The power washer pump oil seals are installed between the pump manifold and pump body, and are located behind the ceramic plunger sleeves. With normal use, these seals can wear, sometimes causing leakage of the pump oil, which may cause a small puddle of oil to be seen on the frame of the pressure washer, just below the pump. This is a signal that the pump oil seals have worn, and should be replaced immediately to prevent further pump damage.

If you have noticed a small amount of pump oil leaking from between the pump head and pump body of your pressure washer pump, it may be time to replace the pump plunger oil seals.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.


KB3030L, KB3030R, KB4025L, KB4025R, KBP3030L, KBP3030R, KD3025, KD3025.1, KD3030, KD3030.1, KD3030H, KD4020, KD4020.1, KE2020F, KE2020F.1, KE2020S, KE2020S.1, KE2825F, KE2825F.1, KE2825S, KE2825S.1, KE3525F, KE3525F.1, KF2030F, KF2030S, KF2830F, KF2830S, KF3530F, KFP2030S, KFP3530F, KG2530G, KG2530G.1, KG3030G, KG3030G.1, KG3035G1, KG3035G1.1, KG3535G1, KG3535G1.1, KG4030G1, KG4030G1.1, KP2535G, KP3035G, KP3035G1, KP3535G1, KP4035G1, KPP2535G, KPP3035G, KPP3035G1, KPP3535G1, KPP4035G1

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