Hotsy Pump Seal Kit, Complete U Seal, 15mm

SKU 8.725-355.0 HOT Category

This product is obsolete and no longer available from the manufacturer. 

Please call us so we can help you locate the correct parts to repair your pump.

Genuine Hotsy OEM Parts

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Part Number: 8.725-355.0-HOT
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-260045, 70-261413, 87253550, 98040770, X98040770

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.




Hotsy Pump Models

HD3030, HD3030.1, HD3030H, HE2020F, HE2020F.1, HE2825F, HE2825F.1, HE3525F, HE3525F.1, HG2530G, HG2530G.1, HG3030G, HG3030G.1, HG3035G1, HG3035G1.1, HG3535G1, HG3535G1.1, HG4030G1, HG4030G1.1

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