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Electrical Components

To protect the pressure washer user from electric shock, many power washer manufacturers install a GFCI electric cord, known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

This GFCI cord will quickly stop the flow of electricity if it senses any unintended voltage loss, either through the ground wire or your body (ground fault). This interruption of the electrical circuit provides protection to the other electrical components of the pressure washer, as well as keeping the power washer user from being hurt. Excessive moisture or failure of other electrical components in the pressure washer can cause ground fault circuit interrupters to trip, as well as faulty building wiring.

GFCI electrical cords are available in different voltage and amp draw configurations such as 110 volt, 20 amp typically used on smaller, portable electric hot water pressure washers, and 230 volt, 1 phase, 20 amp.

If you do not see the appropriate GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter electrical cord required for your electric power washer, please contact us for assistance.

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