Pump Seal Kit, U Seal 16mm, Legacy

SKU 8.759-015.0 LEG Category
  • 16mm U Seal Kit
  • Services three (3) cylinders

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair

Genuine Legacy OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.759-015.0-LEG
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87590150

Included in this U Seal Kit are the following components: three (3) high pressure U-Seals, three (3) low pressure U-Seals, six (6) Teflon support rings, six (6) seal support backing rings and three (3) O-rings.

THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE BRASS PRESSURE RING OR BRASS INTERMEDIATE RING. If the brass pressure or intermediate rings show sign of damage or wear, please purchase a Complete Seal Kit.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.




GBP3030R, GBP3030L, GBP4025R, GFP2030S, GFP2830S

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