Long Packing Assembly 15mm, General Pump K130

SKU 8.702-920.0 Category
  • Genuine Interpump / General Pump Kit
  • 15mm Packing Assembly
  • Includes Brass
  • Services one (1) cylinder

*Three (3) kits are required for complete pump repair

General Pump
Genuine General Pump OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.702-920.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 1-0130, 103130B, 753085, 87029200
Manufacturer’s Part Numbers (MPNs): K130, Kit 130

Our General Pump Packing Assembly Kit 130 includes high pressure and low pressure seals, o-rings and brass to rebuild one pump cylinder of General Pump and Interpump brand pressure washer pumps.

See Additional Information for a complete list of compatible pumps.

NOTE: Actual kit contents may vary slightly from images of unpacked kits.



General Pump Models

EZ2545E, EZ3030G34, EZ3035G, EZ3040G, EZ3040S, EZ3045G

Interpump Models

W186, W950EZE, WW961EZG

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