Annovi Reverberi Water Seal Kit, XW-M/XWA-M Pumps 20mm, AR2278

SKU 8.720-623.0 Category
  • 20mm Water Seal Kit
  • XW-M & XWM-A Series Pumps
  • Genuine Annovi Reverberi Pump Parts

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair

Annovi Reverberi
Genuine Annovi Reverberi OEM Parts

MSRP: $192.89


Part Number: 8.720-623.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87206230
Manufacturer’s Part Numbers (MPNs): AR2278, 2278

This Annovi Reverberi AR2278 pump seal kit contains water seals to repair select AR pumps.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible AR pump series.




"N" Version

AR Pump Series

XW-M Series, XWA-M Series

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