Fuel Nozzle, 2.00 x 60A Delavan

SKU 8.700-863.0 Category
  • 2.00 GPH
  • 60° Spray Pattern
  • Hollow Cone Spray Pattern
Genuine Delavan OEM Nozzle


Part Number: 8.700-863.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 079239, 87008630

This 8.700-863.0 Delavan 2.00 x 60 A Oil Burner Fuel Nozzle delivers 2.00 GPH of fuel in a 60 degree HOLLOW CONE SPRAY pattern.

This fuel spray nozzle can be used with # 1 diesel, # 2 diesel or kerosene on such hot water pressure washer burner systems as Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, Aaladin, Northern Tool, Hydrotek, and more. Also for use on waste oil heaters and furnaces.

Installing the incorrect size of fuel nozzle will result in poor performance of the burner system, and could result in costly repair bills. If you are uncertain as to which diesel oil burner fuel spray tip nozzle is correct for your hot water power washer, please consult your operator’s manual or contact our customer service representatives prior to placing an order.


60° A Hollow



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