Fuel Solenoid Valves

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Fuel Solenoids

A fuel solenoid valve, commonly known as a fuel shut-off valve, controls the flow of diesel fuel.

When a pressure washer fuel solenoid valve is energized, it opens to allow diesel fuel to flow into the burner fuel nozzle, where it is ignited by the electrodes. When power to the fuel shut off valve is cut, typically when the trigger gun is released, it stops the flow of diesel, preventing fuel being ported into the pressure washer burn chamber when no spark is present for ignition.

Suntec fuel solenoid valves are available in 110 volt, 220 volt and 12 volt DC, and can be used on nearly all brands of hot water pressure washers. The electrical requirements are typically stamped on the head of the fuel solenoid.

Be certain to purchase the correct voltage of shut off valve required for your power washer. If you’re unsure which fuel solenoid you need feel free to call us with any questions!

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