Valve Kit, Legacy

SKU 9.802-603.0 LEG Category
  • Six (6) Check Valves

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair.

Genuine Legacy OEM Parts


Part Number: 9.802-603.0-LEG
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-260007, 98026030, X98026030

The 9.802-603.0 Pressure Washer Pump Valve Kit contains six (6) valves, six (6) valve o-rings and six (6) pump manifold bolt o-rings. One kit will service one pump.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.

Legacy Pump Models

GH5050, GM3540.2, GM3540R.3, GM4030.2, GM4030R.3, GM4035.2, GM4035L.3, GM4035R.3, GM5030.2, GM5030L.3, GM5030R.3, GM6035.2, GM6035L.3, GM6035R.3, GS3040G.2, GS3040G.3, GS3540G.2, GS3540G.3, GS4040G.2, GS4040G.3, GS5030G.2, GS5030G.3, GT5635.1, NMT1520CWR, NMT1520SCWR, NMT2120CWR

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