Hotsy Valve Cap w/ Gauge Port, 24mm x 1/4″

SKU 9.802-632.0 HOT Category
  • 24mm Valve Cap
  • 1/4″ F Gauge Port
  • One (1) required per pump
Genuine Hotsy OEM Parts

MSRP: $22.10


Part Number: 9.802-632.0-HOT
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-460146, 98026320, X98026320

This valve cap is designed for connecting a 1/4″ MPT pressure switch to your pressure washer pump. 

For use with HM, HS, and HT series pumps.

See Additional Information for a list of compatible pumps.



Hotsy Pump Models

HM3540, HM3540.1, HM3540R.2, HM3540R.3, HM4030, HM4030.1, HM4030L.1, HM4030L.3, HM4030R.3, HM4031L.3, HM4031R.3, HM4035, HM4035.1, HM4035H, HM4035H.1, HM4035L.1, HM4035L.3, HM4035R.2, HM4035R.3, HM5030, HM5030.1, HM5030L.1, HS3040G, HS3040G.1, HS3040G.2, HS3040G.3, HS3540G, HS3540G.1, HS3540G.2, HS3540G.3, HS4040G, HS4040G.1, HS4040G.2, HS4040G.3, HS5030G, HS5030G.1, HS5030G.2, HS5030G.3, HT4540L.2, HT4540R.2, HT6036L.2, HT6036R.2

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