Plunger 15mm, General Pump 51040009

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  • Genuine Interpump / General Pump Parts
  • 15mm Ceramic Plunger
General Pump
Genuine General Pump OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.701-400.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 083807, 1-51040009, 726061, 87014000
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): 51040009

Use this ceramic plunger on General Pump models shown below. A cracked or broken ceramic piston can allow water into the pump crankcase, reducing lubrication and possible pump damage. A broken ceramic plunger can also sometimes be seen by a slight water leak between the pump body and pump manifold. Failure to replace a broken ceramic piston can result in further damage to pump, pump seals, unloader valves, and other pressure washer parts.

For use on General Pump Models: T9051EBF



General Pump Models


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