Turbo Laser Nozzle, 4.5 5100 PSI, Giant 22060A-4.5

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  • 4.5 Nozzle Orifice
  • Max PSI: 5100
  • Max Temp: 212° F
  • 1/4″ F Inlet
  • Forged Brass
  • Durable Rubber Cover
Genuine Giant OEM Nozzles


Part Number: 20060A-4.5
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 374266, 4-20089, 799213, 87110640, 8.711-064.0

Have a power washing job that a standard, quick connect nozzle just can’t tackle? Give our 8.711-064.0 Giant Turbo Laser Rotating Nozzle a try!

This nozzle spins high pressure water at a high RPM, resulting in a 6 inch wide cone that hits the surface being cleaned, and virtually peels dirt from the surface. Excellent for use remove grease, oil and other debris from farm equipment and tractors, removing paint from swimming pools for repaint, or even for removing gum from parking lots and sidewalks!

Rated for use up to 5100 PSI, 212° F, the Giant Turbo Laser Nozzle has a jackhammer effect that blasts dirt away. 0 degree impact, 25 degree spray pattern, no gears or teeth to break, precision ceramic orifice, 1/4 FPT inlet.


0° Rotating


1/4" FPT

Nozzle Size




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