Turbo Nozzle, #5.5 4350 PSI, Legacy

SKU 9.302-246.0 Category
  • 5.5 Nozzle Orifice
  • Max PSI: 4350
  • Max Temp: 185° F
  • 1/4″ F Inlet
  • Forged Brass
  • Precision Ceramic Nozzle
  • Durable Rubber Cover
Genuine Legacy OEM Nozzles


Part Number: 9.302-246.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 374235, 87110440, 93022460

Legacy is proud to offer the Revolution rotary nozzle.  This turbo rotary nozzle is rated for up to 4350 PSI at 185° F.  Turning at an astounding 4,000 RPM, the Revolution delivers faster and deeper cleaning action for the same price of 3000 PSI rotary nozzles.

  • Greater Cleaning Power – Engineered to increase impact pressure by more than 10 time that of conventional nozzles
  • Longer Operating Life – The Revolution’s operating life is extended significantly by its wear-resistant ceramic nozzle and bearing ring
  • More Durable and Versatile – The Revolution features an extra-resilient housing protector and is capable of handling a stream up to 4350 PSI at 185° F
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