Insulation Disc Bottom, 18″ OD x 4.5″ ID

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  • 18″ OUTER Diameter
  • 4.5″ INNER Diameter
  • Refractory Grade Ceramic
  • Retains heat inside coil for fuel efficiency and paint protection


Part Number: 9.802-905.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 7-014865, 873790, 98029050, X98029050

This 9.802-905.0 bottom coil insulation is commonly referred to as the coil base or pancake insulation. It measures 18 inches Outer Diameter x 4.5 inches Inner Diameter and is installed on a large number of Hotsy & Karcher hot water pressure washers below the heating coil to protect the pressure washer and burner components from high heat damage.

NOTE: Coil insulation is designed for specific brands and models of pressure washers and is NOT interchangeable.  Please consult your Operator’s Manual to verify you are purchasing the correct part, or feel free to call us for assistance.


18 in.

Inner Diameter

4.5 in.

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