Cyclone Surface Cleaner, 20″

SKU 8.903-608.0 Category
  • Rating: Heavy-Duty
  • Recommended Usage: Medium
  • 20″ Diameter Surface Cleaning
  • PSI: 2000-4000
  • GPM: 4.0-6.0
  • Max Temp: 200° F
  • Uses Two (2) 1/4″ Nozzles
  • Polyethylene Housing
  • Collapsible Handle
  • Pneumatic Tires


MSRP: $1,875


Part Number: 8.903-608.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 30-587, 89036080

Cleaning large driveways or warehouse floors is tough when using only a pressure washer. Typically, a quick connect nozzle produces zebra-striping which certainly doesn’t make the surface look clean. But, using our 8.903.608.0 Cyclone flat surface cleaner changes all of that! Similar to walking behind a lawn mower, this rotary surface cleaners literally mow dirt off the surface in no time!

Simply connect the high pressure hose from your pressure washer to the trigger on this floor cleaner, and watch the dirt melt away. High pressure nozzles below the housing spray at a high RPM, and clean a large path, eliminating the zebra-striping effect.

Ergonomic design is easier to use than other flat surface cleaners!

Other features include:

  • Fatigue-free trigger handle turns unit on/off for operator safety
  • Tangle-free hose connection for easy maneuvering

Works with Landa, Hotsy, Karcher, and many other brands of pressure washers with minimum of 2000 PSI and 190° F.

Cleaning Path

20 in.

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