Venturi Pump Surface Cleaner, 24″ A+

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  • 4000 PSI Max
  • 8.0 GPM Max
  • Venturi suction pump for water recovery
  • 2 in. Diameter Hose
  • Requires at least 3.0 GPM @ 2000 PSI


MSRP: $1,525


Part Number: 9.116-064.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s):, 91160640

This flat surface cleaner is so easy to use – just hold onto the handles, squeeze the trigger and slide it over the surface you want to clean. The four caster wheels move easily over most surfaces and the brush around the base eliminates water blow-back, reducing wet feet. Plus this unit includes a Venturi suction pump so you can easily recovery the wash water you use!

This rotating surface cleaner quickly cleans concrete, asphalt, and removes grime and deposits from tennis courts, ramps, and decks. Also great for factory and semi-trail floors, and drive-thrus. Can be used with hot or cold water, and handles with high temperature water, up to 212° F to disinfect kitchen and bathroom floors.  

  • Two spinning nozzles ‘floats’ cleaner above the ground
  • Circular design for zero wall clearance
  • Stainless-steel housing and handle
  • Universal inlet fitting kit to accommodate all common configurations
  • Reduces overspray on walls, landscaping, and operator
  • Includes two #2.0 x 25°, 1/8″ nozzles (for machines up to #4.0 nozzles)
Cleaning Path

24 in.

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