Mezzo “Toro” Wash System, Twin Pipe, MTM Hydro

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  • Max PSI: 3700
  • Max GPM: 8.0

MTM Hydro Parts

Foam cannons sold separately.


Part Number: MTM14.7102
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): 14.7102

The MTM Mezzo Valve is the newest addition to our evolving line of pressure washing solutions. The Mezzo valve provides a two-way shuttle valve system in a sleek lightweight style. It is full shut-off when engaged on one side or the other which offers full pressure on the left or right side. This cleaning method is perfect for a consolidated gun and lance system that is popular among detailers for its compact design. Derived from the Italian word for ‘Middle,’ this valve serves as an intermediary two-way system, replacing the need for a three-way ball valve and allows the user to keep their foam cannon and nozzle in one place.

Why use the Mezzo valve?

The single pipe is perfect for increased ease of use; No more dismantling things, losing spray tips and O rings. Simply push a button and select either water or foam. This lance has universal stainless fittings installed and can be used on any 1/4″ coupler.

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