Sewer Jetter Hoses

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When cleaning sewer lines, drains, and other pipe, a small outside diameter hose is ideal, and our sewer hose fits the bill!  Whether your application is commercial or residential, these super flexible sewer line hoses have a super though cover with ultra flexible nylon tube and can be used at temperatures up to 160 Degrees F.

Our 1/4″ Hose is available in 2600 PSI, and 4400 PSI while our 1/8″ Hose is rated for up to 4800 PSI.

Simply affix a sewer or pipe cleaning nozzle to the end of one of these drain cleaning hose lines and it will make quick work of your job. Connecting the specialty nozzle shoots the water backwards, forcing the end of the hose deeper into the pipe, while blasting out buildup and debris.

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