Burner Motors

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Horse Power (HP)

On a diesel fired hot water pressure washer, a burner motor is mounted to the burner assembly. This burner motor rotates at a high RPM, and is connected to a flex coupling, which turns both the fuel pump and the diesel burner blower fan, or blower wheel. Diesel burner motors are specific to each burner assembly, and are available in a variety of RPM’s and electrical voltages.

These burner motors do not often fail, but when they do, it is recommended to replace the burner motor rather than trying to repair it.

Hot water pressure washer manufacturers such as Hotsy, Landa, Alkota and Karcher typically use either Beckett, Wayne, or KNA Burner Motors.

Should you need assistance determining the correct burner motor for your pressure washer, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist!

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