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For more than three decades, General Pump (GP) has been recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of plunger pumps used for the delivery of high-pressure fluids, such as those used in industrial and residential pressure washers. Built to standards set by ISO 9008, GP pumps are durably made to withstand the rigors of the high pressures and temperatures within which they must operate.

Our General Pump product line is available in a variety of pressures (PSI) and flow rates (GPM), and is an ideal replacement pump for Landa, Alkota, Aaladin and Mi-t-M pressure washers, in car washes, as well as for industrial applications in the oil and gas and mining sector.

With nearly 75 different models of GP pumps available, if you need a replacement pump for any brand of power washer on the market, we’ve probably got it right here. Feel free to give us a call if you’re not sure which pump will work best with your machine.

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