Connector Hoses

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Interior Diameter (ID)

High pressure hose connectors are typically used to connect a high pressure hose reel to a pressure washer, or for routing high pressure water from the pressure regulating unloader valve to the heating coil. They are also useful for connecting equipment used at self-service car wash facilities.

Alternately known as connector hose or jumper hose, the flexible hose connectors featured in this category come in lengths starting at 2′ and going up to 25′, each in additional one-foot increments.

Our connector hoses come in single-braided or double-braided wire hoses, built for taking abuse and high pressures up to 4500 PSI. They’re fitted with 3/8″ MPT fittings at each end and come with a solid fitting on one end, and options for a swivel or solid fitting on the other.

These pressure washer hose connector units are highly advantageous in a variety of both residential and commercial applications. Longer length jumper hoses are ideal for use in self-service car washes.

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